Diablo III: Eternal Collection – Nintendo Switch Review


Diablo III
Release 02/11/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Diablo III is a dungeon crawling action role-playing hack and slash blah blah fucking blah. Anyone else get bored with the insipid descriptions from the bigger media outlets? Luckily at TBG we are real people who just like to have fun playing games, no matter the prestige. Thanks to the guys at Indigo Pearl we have been provided with a review copy of Diablo III, a game I have been waiting to play since it’s big reveal a few months ago. I’ve never played any Diablo games but I did dabble with World of Warcraft back in the day and it certainly has that feel to it. I’ve made a very good friend through Twitter, Marc (he wrote a guest article for us a while back, all about his love of Nintendo and how it’s helped him through the years) who is, how do I say, a bit obsessed with Diablo III. When the game was announced we had a very long conversation about it, what it’s like and how great multiplayer is etc etc. It was this conversation that got me interested and got me thinking ‘I have to get it’.

Right, so I know this game is six years old now, but the graphics are superb! A lot of the ill-informed critiques of the Switch is that it’s underpowered and can’t live up to PlayStation 4 and Xbox standards, however, the cutscenes on Diablo III totally blew me away. The graphics were so amazing you would think they were on one of the aforementioned consoles, and that was in docked mode! The performance on the Switch was seamless and flawless. It really is one of the best ports I’ve had the pleasure to play.

As for the game itself, Diablo III is an extremely popular title, which is why Blizzard has brought it to the Switch. I’ve spoken to lots of people who have put 100’s of hours into the game on PC or console before, but are buying it AGAIN! Just so they can play it on the Switch and on the go. The Switch really is, in my view, the perfect console.

With the Diablo III: Eternal Collection you are getting the complete experience, all the add-ons ever released in one place. Plus, two unique special items! Ganondorf armour, which if you know, is very distinctive and easily recognisable as the foe of everyone’s favourite hero, Link. The second being a Cucco chicken who follows you around picking up loot. It’s never been more fun to slash and burn your way through as many demon creatures as you can, collect loot, then kill some more! If you enjoy a good grind fest then you’ll love this. Kill Kill Kill, loot, loot, loot. It’s very satisfying levelling up and grinding through, enabling you to learn new abilities in order to….. well kill more.

The main story mode holds up well and is fun to play through, it’s not Shakespeare but it doesn’t need to be. It’s all about the killing and the grinding and the looting. Luckily this game is from Blizzard, not EA. Therefore in order to level up and get new ‘shiny’ armour or weapons, you do it old school by simply playing the game! That’s right, no need for bank cards here. There are seven characters to choose from, all different classes and with differing abilities. My first choice was the ‘Crusader’ as I have a thing for Templar Knights (no, not like that). But if your wish is to play as a female Necromancer then fill your boots! Whoever you pick will slightly change the way you play, and I will enjoy going through each class, as well as trying out the varying difficulty levels. Torment level is a bit advanced for me at this stage.

As the story progresses you embark on more and more quests and events, all of which reward you with more loot and XP at the end. These normally mean dispatching various nasty pieces of shit from some nasty piece of shit area. The environments are creepy and atmospheric, which is what you would expect from a game about slaying demons. Once the initial act is over, the gameplay ramps up with a bit more variety and interest. Lots more loot is found which allows you to customise your character to the way you want to play.

Diablo III really comes into its own with the online multiplayer. You can easily drop into a friends game, and vice versa. It works like a dream and brings a whole new dynamic to the game. Up to four players are allowed at one time, even locally which sounds awesome! Shame I don’t know four switch owners with the game! This is the ultimate forever game, you can just keep going and going (not unlike my performance). With all the different classes you can play around with and modes, plus the season mode where you can create a character and level up as much as possible to rank on leaderboards, you can literally put in 100’s of hours into this, if it sounds like your cup of tea.


Final Words:

As much as I’m loving this game I can see it will not appeal to everyone, I’m rating it very highly as it is a superb game. However, I feel some people might find it a little repetitive at times and maybe don’t ‘get it’ if that makes sense. If you’re not into grinding then this won’t be for you. If you like the idea of killing shit, looting, grinding, levelling up, playing with different character classes, then this is absolutely for you! Buy it.



TBG Score: 9/10

Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
Players: 1-4
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Release: 02/11/2018 (Switch)
Format: Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Website: www.diablo3.com
Twitter: @Diablo
Download link: eShop

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