Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – FINAL DIRECT

Expectations and Wishes

On Tuesday, Nintendo announced that a final Nintendo Direct for the upcoming game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is airing on 1st November at 14:00 UK time. Bearing in mind it is the last presentation for the game – so, presumably no more news between then and the game’s release on 7th December – all things must be revealed. So, with that being said, what are the expectations, and what are the wishes?



My Expectations

The New Mode

Blurred out in the previous Direct, Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that a new mode is in the game. All most of us could see was a blurred out green feature, which will be the primary mode (bar Standard Smash) in it – much like Smash Tour and Smash Run from the Wii U and 3DS versions of the predecessor. What will it be? Well, no one really has any idea at all. However, some people have managed to find that the text underneath says “Spirits”. It could be realistic, bearing in mind the number of people who appeared to have ‘died’ in reveal trailers – most recently the supposed ‘death’ of Luigi. But, we will have to see on Thursday if this is true.

New characters

There is at least one more Smash character on the way – and most sources believe that it is two more. The current roster appears to have two gaps at the bottom, so it is most likely. Who will we get, then? The Grinch has been leaked within the past couple of weeks, yet I really don’t know. It has seemingly come out of nowhere, so I highly doubt he’ll make a cameo but then again, the number of surprises we have already got means that anything you highly doubt will probably happen. Banjo-Kazooie is the most likely and also the most favourable – he has a major video game and would attract huge popularity from fans. His move-set would also be quite something. There are many more characters as well, such as Geno (a first-party character), Shadow and Crash Bandicoot. We will have to see who is announced though. I also would expect more echo fighters to be on the way and who that consists of, again, we will have to see. But bearing in mind they don’t take up any extra spot, I don’t really mind who it is.

New Stages

Bearing in mind there are already 103 stages in the game, most people would assume that Sakurai has had enough of them. Well, they’re probably wrong. I can see a few more stages being added in all likeliness. From the official stage roster, there are also 5 more slots available for stages – taking the tally up to 108, with those 5 unannounced. With all the possibilities of different stages that could enter the game, it’s very hard to isolate a few ones and say confidently that “Yep, that will likely be in the game.” We will probably see a couple of new stages and also a couple from previous games.

General Content

There is still a lot we need to learn about Smash, a lot we still don’t actually know. Like the move-sets of each individual character, returning modes (challenges, events etc.), even the likes of news on Squad Strike, a new mode unveiled in the previous Direct. Online hasn’t even been mentioned, more assist trophies and echo fighters could be announced. Just from that very brief list, it’s very clear that there is still a lot more that Sakurai needs to announce and confirm. This may explain the 40-minute length time of the Direct.



My Wishes

Right, so that was what I expect to be announced from the Direct. But now it’s time for my personal wishes and what I would love to see Nintendo announce.

Banjo-Kazooie in Smash

I said that there is expected to be two characters announced and I would love it if Banjo-Kazooie would be one of them. The potential move-set of the character is really exciting in my eyes and just his character, in general, is a perfect fit for Smash. I haven’t played one of the Banjo games but I’ve watched them; they’re gorgeous he and thoroughly deserves a place in the Smash roster. It’s also a realistic wish.

For the new modes to be very well made

This won’t be confirmed until I get my hands on the game in December, but from the footage given on Thursday, I really want to see an excellent single-player mode. I never played Smash Tour on the Wii U, but did play Smash Run on 3DS. It was decent but nothing more and I found myself playing the standard Smash an awful lot more. What I want from Ultimate’s new mode is one that keeps me hooked on it, one that means I’m not constantly playing standard Smash, even though I will be fine with that anyway. Fingers crossed it’s really solid from Nintendo this time around.

More information on returning/extra modes

As I described in the final point of explanations, I hope to see more information on Squad Strike – yet also on modes like Smashdown and the other extra modes arriving for Ultimate. As well as this being a wish, it is also an expectation – I’d be surprised if the 40 minutes went by without a mention on any of the new modes. Furthermore, I also hope that there are some further details on all the returning modes or any new modes. I said I didn’t particularly like Smash Run as much as I’d have hoped but if it’s included as a revamped version, then I would certainly give it another go. And as this is Ultimate, which has been full of surprises already, I’m not sure if I’d even be that surprised seeing the inclusion of Smash Run and Smash Tour.

Online to have new features added

In the most recent Smash games – for Wii U and 3DS – the Online mode featured For Honour (for fun) and For Glory (for competitiveness). Whilst I expect both of these to be in Ultimate, I would also love it if they included a new Online mode; what that may be I don’t know but it would just add that little extra (As if we actually need that, with everything else in it). Regular Online could also have added features, like voice chat for instance. That would be a really good addition from Nintendo. Even if it isn’t voice chat, and is more of a quick chat system like Rocket League’s or, more likely, Splatoon 2’s, it is an extra feature that would just make the game all the more Ultimate.

Global Test-Smash

And finally, a Test-Smash for the game. Not even sure if this will happen, but oh man, if it does. I think it’s certainly possible, however – let’s not forget that Nintendo has done this on multiple occasions before, with ARMS, Splatoon 2; and even Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Now I’ve said it, I really want it. Fingers crossed!



Final Words:

So, the final direct is upon us. It’s been a journey, albeit relatively short. However, it’s still over a month to go until the game is actually upon us, and there may be more to come in the form of DLC. Whatever happens in Thursday’s Direct, Smash Ultimate is already shaping up to be one of 2018’s best titles. Sakurai and Nintendo are doing it again. Let the Hype Train commence.

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