Solbot Energy Rush – iOS/Android Review



Solbot Energy Rush
Release 13/07/2018
iOS version tested
Review code provided



At Two Beard Gaming, we enjoy interacting with the gaming community, its part of the reason why we started this project. Reaching out to developers, publishers and generally getting involved where possible. What we really enjoy though, is when people reach out to us for help with promoting or reviewing games that they have made – it makes us feel like we are on the right track! Recently we were approached by Freakout Games, an indie studio that develops for various platforms, asking if we would be interested in trying Solbot Energy Rush. The game is a one-touch iOS/Android release where you control a flying robot collecting energy orbs.

We don’t get the chance to review mobile games very often, with only a couple reviewed on the site so far! The first was the classic Bounder by @theflamey back in June this year and more recently Dr Who Infinity. I personally enjoy mobile games, they can be quite addictive, so jumped at the opportunity. Let’s face it, I spent far too many hours on Magikarp Jump!!


Solbot is like a classic vertical scrolling shooter but with no weapons, just collecting. The aim is to collect orbs of the corresponding colour to your suit, which changes every level. There are plenty of other orbs on the screen for you to avoid, which can be difficult, the ones you want are identified by having a ring around them. To move your robot the developers have adopted a one-touch system, just tap the screen left or right and Solbot will move a small distance. As the game progresses, the levels become more and more intricate, you will need excellent reflexes to move up the ranks.

The whole premise behind the game is that Solbot is looking for renewable energy, there are even little tidbits of useful info given, like how much more energy efficient eco-friendly light bulbs are. This is a fun and wholesome addition which is aimed at getting the younger player and older ones, I guess, to be more eco-aware which is something we all need to get onboard with. The graphics on this game are simple but effective, at the end of the day your flying through space with not much around you apart from the orbs, the stars and the emptiness of space. It’s colourful and fun, with just the right amount on the screen to not put you off becoming too busy.


Final Words:

I don’t really have a criticism of the game, one improvement I would like to see included is to have a couple of different control options, such as analogue movement. By that I mean rather than tapping to move I would prefer a dynamic system where you keep a finger pressed on the screen and slide it around. I think that would lend itself to a more fluid gameplay experience but that’s more a personal preference. If you like simple games that test your skill, with a pickup and play anywhere (toilet break) feel then I’m sure you will enjoy this fun little number.



TBG Score: 7/10


Genre: Arcade, Space
Players: 1
Publisher: Freakout Games
Release: 13/07/2018
Format: iOS, Android
Twitter: @SolbotEnergyRush
Download link: iTunes / Google Playgenericspacer

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