Reverie – PlayStation 4 Review


Release 16/05/2018
PS4 version tested
Review code providedpsspacer

Reverie is a delightfully fun game developed by a small team from New Zealand, Rainbite. If you are a fan of top-down action adventures like Earthbound or A Link To The Past, then you will be sure to enjoy this little gem. You play a boy called Tai who must help save the fictional island of Toromi while holidaying with his grandparents, sounds like some vacation!

At the start, you are dropped off at the island by your mum who tells you a mythical story about four brothers who raised the island and their vengeful spirits now disrupt the peace and life on the island (I won’t give too much away). In classic 2D adventure style you start off not really knowing what to do, your on the beach so there’s only one thing to do, explore! There’s many NPC’s for you to talk to, houses to investigate, even a shop and arcade. The environment is very vibrant and alive, something the developers worked very hard to get just right. The NPC’s have idle animations, there are butterflies fluttering, leaves blowing and even flags flapping in the wind, they have done a fantastic job in making the island come alive.

The game follows a tried and tested formula which is fairly linear, in that you can only really access different areas once you have completed certain tasks or acquired particular objects, thus leading you in a fairly narrow path of gameplay. I’m ok with this and it tries to point you in the right direction, the first stop being grandpa’s house where he tells you a little more to the story. At the start of the game you have no items or weapons, but if you visit your bedroom you will find a cricket bat, which will come in very handy. There are two main elements to the gameplay, exploration of the overworld and dungeon type areas where you can defeat a boss and acquire new weapons or items to then allow access to the next area. The dungeons are a lot of fun with plenty of enemies and puzzles to keep you busy and challenged. There are 5 dungeons to battle through, with another available after the main story, each increasing in difficulty with every progression. The overworld is pretty large, with plenty of areas to explore. There are lots of NPC’s around and enemies too, there are even some mini-games to discover, which are a lot of fun. Collecting feathers is an important task too if you want that platinum trophy, but it’s not a tricky task to do.

One thing I really enjoyed about Reverie was the music. With every new environment, there was a music change depending on what type of environment it was. For instance, in the main town (where it is safe), it’s very relaxed and upbeat, whereas in the dungeons it can get a little more frantic, and this all enhances the gameplay experience, I loved it. I liken it to the sound in Stardew Valley, very atmospheric.


Final Words:

Overall Reverie is a delight, it offers around 5-10 hours of gameplay which for £9.99 is about right I feel. I played this on the PS4 and while I really enjoyed it, I can see why it was developed for the Vita, it feels at home on a handheld system. With that said, the game is due for release on the Nintendo Switch very soon! I would highly recommend this game for the price.



TBG Score: 8/10

psspacerGenre: Adventure
Players: 1
Publisher: Rainbite Limited
Release: 16/05/2018
Format: Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vitapsspacer

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