6 Groovy Things We Want To See In An ‘Evil Dead’ Video Game


April 23rd, 2018 was a dark day for horror fans all over the world as Bruce Campbell announced he was going to lay his Ash Williams character to rest for good, formally announcing his retirement from the Evil Dead franchise.

But like any good celebrity retirement, this one looks like it’s also going to be short-lived as he’s already signed on to lend his unique talents to an all-new Evil Dead video game.

But what would an Evil Dead video game look like? What would you want to see? Here’s our list of the 5 essential groovy features we’re looking for when Big Daddy Boomstick comes out of retirement one last time.


Ash Vs Evil Dead

Evil Dead fans have been chomping at the bit for an all-new entry into the original trilogy for what seems like an eternity. Although this never materialized, we were gifted with 3 seasons of an Ash-centred television series, Ash Vs Evil Dead.

A video game set in this universe would be a great opportunity to follow up on the iconic movie series, filling in the blanks between the trilogy ending and the TV show.


Sam Raimi Evil Dead

When you think about Evil Dead, two names come to mind. The first is Bruce Campbell, the second is Sam Raimi. Raimi directed the original trilogy and had a hand in resurrecting the brand for TV, so excluding him from the video game would be complete madness.


Ash Vs Evil Dead Ghostbeaters

Love it or hate it, Ash Vs Evil Dead is canon. Therefore it makes perfect sense for Ash’s fellow monster hunters – known collectively as the ‘Ghostbeaters’ – to show up somewhere along the way – unless the game is set prior to the events of the TV show, which is another option.

Everyone involved in the Evil Dead TV show loved the experience and shared our disappointment when it was cancelled. We have no doubts they’d be more than happy to get the band back together for one more blood-soaked encore.


Army of Darkness

As if the first two Evil Dead movies weren’t bonkers enough, Raimi followed them up with the 1992 threequel Army of Darkness. Replacing the unforgettable cabin in the woods setting, and dumping the franchise hero Ash in the Middle Ages, the film was a breath of fresh air for the horror genre and gave Ash a whole host of new creatures to battle ion this strange and foreign land.

For many Evil Dead fans, Army of Darkness remains an untapped resource, one that was largely – if not entirely – ignored when the television series landed in 2015. Perhaps the video game could transplant Ash back to this era again, to atone for his past mistakes, and settle a few old scores? Or why not have him transported to other historical settings? Ash teaming up with Robin Hood, or going to war against Deadite Vikings would be pretty freaking awesome.


Deadite Ash

Finally, if there’s going to be an ultimate, definitive, Evil Dead video game, then please, please, let us see the world through the eyes of the franchise villains. We’re pretty sure that you had a glimpse of this in some of the previous Evil Dead video games, but there’s never been an immersive Deadite-mode that allowed players to control the armies of darkness in their battle to defeat Ash Williams and control the Earth once and for all.


Horror Lineup

Ever since the totally awesome Freddy Vs Jason movie, horror fans have wanted to see even more of their genre favourites team up and wage war on one another. An Ash Vs Jason Voorhees movie is probably never going to happen, but what’s stopping them facing off on your Xbox? Apart from licensing issues, and greedy fat cats of course!

DLC featuring iconic villains such as Michael Myers, Pinhead and Leatherface would be a horror fan’s wet dream, and let’s face it, after the disappointing Friday the 13th The Game, gamers deserve a little bit of gratification!


Well, that’s our choices. What would YOU like to see in the upcoming Evil Dead video game? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share, share, share on social media.

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