[Review] The Fall – Nintendo Switch

The Fall is a unique combination of puzzle-solving and a side-scroller set within a dark and atmospheric story.

The Fall – Nintendo Switch Review

The Fall Release 10/05/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided Over the Moon games bring their 2014 platformer game, The Fall, to Nintendo Switch. It is the first story in what they set out to be a mind-bending trilogy! To date we have been treated one of its sequels, aptly named The Fall Part 2: Unbound,... Continue Reading →

Yuso – Nintendo Switch Review

Yuso Release 05/07/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided Yuso is an all-new puzzle game from developer and publisher Vertical Reach releasing on Steam, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. Vertical Reach is a small independent team based in sunny Portugal and has had the pleasure of winning “Best Children’s Game” two years running in the PlayStation... Continue Reading →

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