[News] Nintendo Switch Sales Rocket!


Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, there has been scepticism and doubt among gamers around the viability of a hybrid handheld console. People looked at the failure of the Wii U and thought that Nintendo was done with the hardware console market, especially with the runaway success of the PlayStation 4.

You can’t really blame anyone for doubting Nintendo after the disastrous Wii U which sold only 13.5m units in its entire lifetime. The Wii U wasn’t a bad console, it suffered from poor marketing and the execution of the vision was not exactly what they were after. The Switch is!

mario04 1

Since the Switch’s launch early last year it has sold a tremendous 19.67m units! More than the Wii U ever has and in a quarter of the time. The Switch is going from strength to strength and I would not be surprised if it outsells the PlayStation 4 in its lifetime, a big ask I know, but one only Nintendo is capable of.

Looking at the Switch software, Nintendo have already sold 86.93m units! The Switch has seen massive titles released such as Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild. Furthermore, before the holiday season, we will see Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (the biggest selling fighting franchise ever) and Pokemon Let’s Go!. Two massive titles and guaranteed sellers.

I for one adore the Switch, and once again Nintendo’s innovation has bought us something we didn’t expect, didn’t necessarily ask for, but has been embraced fully and is something we can’t live without. I’m very excited for the next 12 months Nintendo!


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  1. After reading this, I’m reminded of what was rumored be a Steambox. Not sure if that came to fruition or not, but I would prefer the Switch over that.
    Switch already has plenty of Steam titles on it’s platform, a devoted following, and its success has shown right out the gate.
    Pokemon and Smash are sure to sell more consoles. Keep it going Nintendo!

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