3 Reasons You Need To Buy A Nintendo Switch

1) It’s a current generation system that is constantly putting out new games, Nintendo even issued a statement saying they hope to put out as many as 30 games a week
to the eShop. Now, the eShop may be a bit difficult to navigate to get to all of those titles but I foresee a big change in their layout in the future (September online services).

2) There are always deals going on for brand new systems, Nintendo is currently advertising a system and a $60 game for $330 so you save $30. Keep an eye out on new egg and eBay specifically for deals up to $50 off. Check out @Wario64 on twitter as he always posts video game deals.

3) Portability – this is the systems most talked about feature but it shouldn’t be overlooked, if your main TV is being used you can sit with that person and also play games, you can play in bed, on trips, or you can do what I do: bring it to a friends house and play side by side. Great for couch co-op.  While your battery may not last as long as you’d like, there are now Nintendo-issued power bricks to charge your battery on the go.

3 great reasons to buy switch NOW! Thanks for reading!

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