Don’t Die, Mr Robot! DX – Nintendo Switch Review


Don’t Die, Mr Robot! DX
Release 03/05/2018
Switch version tested
Review code provided nintendospacer

Don’t Die, Mr Robot! DX is a remixed version of the much-loved arcade bullet-hell avoid ‘em up from British indie development team Infinite State Games. Originally released back in 2014 on PlayStation and iOS this time around the game has been completely remastered and rejuvenated for Nintendo Switch.

You play as Mr Robot, not to be confused with Christian Slater’s character in the TV show of the same name, a bright yellow 2D square who looks like a reject from the Emoji Movie. Although, having now watched the film twice, that is not an insult in the slightest. Mr Robot lives deep in the electro-abyss and loves to eat exploding fruit, he also likes staying alive and that’s where you come in. The game is reminiscent of Geometry Wars on the Xbox, a game which was immensely enjoyable with a wicked difficulty streak. Graphics are big and bright, with a retro vibe that works well for this style of game. It’s clean and simple design means it looks great on whatever format you are playing on.

On initial boot up I was presented with the remix setting which was the only mode available to play, through in-game progression you easily open the additional modes, arcade, time attack and chill out. Each of these offers another way to play and help to mix things up even after the main campaign is done. Remix mode consists of ten levels, each with five separate chapters bringing the total to 50 unique missions to complete. Arcade mode is a never-ending, different every time arena based fun machine. Hit the global leaderboards and try to become the world’s best dodger. In time attack dying costs you points so try not to, it has a tweaked difficulty to help hone your skills. And finally, chill out mode offers a more sedate and strategic but equally intense game type for when your nerves are just too fried to take on the game at full pace.

The premise for each level is simple and usually revolves around getting fruit, avoiding enemies but most importantly trying not to die (Spoilers! you will die and probably a lot). If you manage to survive the given task you are then awarded a medal, exceed expectations and you are given a very nice platinum award. Its simple gameplay mechanic becomes very addictive and as you master it you find new ways of chaining together attacks allowing for bigger and better multipliers to kick in. Some missions even require you to go head-on with enemies before dodging away at the last possible moment earning you a danger bonus. The in-game coin system, which can be collected by killing enemies, helps with replay value as it can be spent to unlock various power-ups and character customisations. There are five cameo appearances from some very special guests to unlock also, each one changes how the game plays dramatically like the Death Ray Manta who fires lasers from his head.


Final Words:

Don’t Die, Mr Robot! DX is a frustratingly fun experience and with the addition of all new art from illustrator Kate Evans, a huge tonne of new acid house music from C303PO, a big fat dollop of gameplay tweaks and improvements the Nintendo Switch is the place to play this game.



TBG Score: 7/10

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