No Thing – Nintendo Switch Review

No Thing Release 22/03/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided No Thing was an out-and-out impulse buy for me. It was available on the store to preorder for just over £1 because I had previously purchased a game from the same publisher. It tells the story of an office clerk who is sent with an... Continue Reading →

Slayaway Camp – Nintendo Switch Review

Slayaway Camp Release 22/03/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided Mass murder has never been more adorable... Recently I’ve been playing Slayaway Camp on the Switch, it’s a puzzle game where the basic idea is to move your character around a map to murder the various characters positioned within the map and once all characters... Continue Reading →

Star Wars open world game?

According to a recent posting on EA's own job site, we can expect a new open world Star Wars game in the not too distant future. EA advertised a vacancy for someone to 'lead a team to deliver online features for an open world Star Wars project'. Well, there's no guess-work needed here! Although this... Continue Reading →

Gekido: Kintaro’s Revenge – Nintendo Switch Review

Gekido: KR Release 22/03/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided Originally released on the Gameboy Advance way back in 2002, surprisingly titled Gekido Advance, the game reviewed favourable and played well. Developer and publisher Naps Team now aim to bring us an all singing and dancing remaster on Nintendo's latest console, the Switch. The story... Continue Reading →

Sonic Mania – Nintendo Switch Review

Sonic Mania Release 15/08/2017 Switch version tested Review code provided Sonic the Hedgehog is Back! Well, almost... Back in the early '90s, I was given a choice, a choice that would determine my formative gaming years. A SNES or a Sega Mega drive for Christmas. It was the height of the great 'console war' of... Continue Reading →

Slime-San – Nintendo Switch Review

Slime-San Release 03/08/2017 Switch version tested Review code provided Seriously, where do I start with this crazy game! When I picked this game up my initial thoughts were that it didn’t look much and it was a throwback from the ZX Spectrum, boy was I wrong! Slime-San is a fast-paced 2D platformer which will delight... Continue Reading →

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