We Need to Support Ubisoft and Get Behind Them


All right, listen up everybody. I know this opinion has the potential to be a little divisive, but hear me out. I know that Far Cry 5 has been getting some mixed reviews, and I’m not here to argue against them. I think the reviews are honest and cut to the heart of real problems the game has. But even so, I think we need to, as the community of gamers, support UbiSoft. And yes that means buying Far Cry 5, even if you wait for a sale. For many years UbiSoft was a favourite developer of mine and many other gamers. There was a special magic to some of their games from the Mid-2000s that I still think about all of the time. Early Assassin’s Creed, especially the Ezio games, and UbiSoft’s takeover of Far Cry with Far Cry 3 were huge moments in gaming history. And then they got greedy. Annualised Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy churn-out titles, and the promising hype of Watch Dogs that crumbled due to a rush to market, all failed to do well as they came out to deserved waffling reviews and reception. But I can see them changing. The incredibly disliked and written off Rainbow Six: Siege had new life breathed into it, and is now one of the best selling games of the generation. And I think therein lies the lesson that they learned.

Now, I’m not saying let’s all rush out and buy Far Cry 5, certainly if you’re tentative wait for a sale. But you should get it and Assassin’s Creed: Origins as well. Ubisoft has made good on their past mistakes of allowing the grand illusions of annualized licenses following the Call of Duty model to work, by transitioning to a system of extreme support for titles. The Division just received a hefty update, despite the fact that we all but know an announcement for the Division 2 lies at E3, if it doesn’t leak any more before then. Additionally, they have kept the less popular Ghost Recon: Wildlands pumped full of weird and wacky content, and that game continues to hold a significant player base.

division 2

With Assassin’s Creed: Origins I could finally see UbiSoft taking a step back and admitting their mistakes with Assassin’s Creed. They took their time, and are good for doing so! AC:O is an incredible game, and if you don’t have it you should go get it, it’s on sale for PS Plus members for $30 right now! From reworked systems, good characterization, and a meticulously plotted and well-designed open world, Egypt is a sight to behold and a pleasure to be a player in. Yes, it’s got some narrative troubles, and it’s still very much a “video game” (insert any given YouTube video of the massive glitches, or people hiring you to avenge murders while you turn around and literally slaughter random people constantly). But it’s a good-ass video game. Likewise, there is plenty to complain about with Far Cry 5. The narrative is straight garbage, let down even worse by its incredible setup and the promise it gives of a powerful narrative. And they may not have added too much in terms of systems and changing the idea of what Far Cry is like Assassin’s Creed did. But Far Cry doesn’t have the same problems as Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed always had design problems, from the way you did missions, too clunky AI, and bad quest design. Far Cry is the opposite. Far Cry is good and since 3 when Ubisoft took over, it’s always been good. It’s a difficult watermark to break because the core systems are so fun and work so well together. Now, I skipped Primal, so maybe I don’t quite have Far Cry fatigue yet, but in the recent frame of what they’ve been doing, UbiSoft has made me believe in them again. I’m sure Far Cry 5 will be supported with incredible DLC offerings like AC:O, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and the Division have all been given. And when it comes down to it, it’s still Far Cry, and if you ask me, that’s not such a bad thing. It may be blissful optimism and naivety, but I want to perceive UbiSoft as a good company, especially while we have so many problems coming from other gargantuan developers like EA and Activision. I’m ready to trust them again, and I’m excited to see what they continue to bring to their platforms.

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