Alteric – PlayStation Vita Review


Release 11/10/2017
PSVita version tested
Review code providedpsspacer

When I first found out about Alteric I was instantly drawn to it because the visual style reminded me of Thomas was alone. Honestly, that was enough to pique my interest. I seriously enjoyed Thomas was alone a lot, I also played it on the PS Vita and even purchased the DLC knowing there were no new trophies at the time when I was in full on trophy whoring mode.

You are alone, stuck somewhere location unknown but most importantly, who are you? Yesterday a man, today everything has changed your soul is still there but you died. It’s a piece of light energy trapped in the alien space between two worlds. The premise is simple, you need to navigate from one side of the level to another finding the glowing portal to progress. Controls are spot on, left and right to manoeuvre the block-shaped form you inherent coupled with a jump button. As you progress through the first few levels which form the tutorial you are presented with a number of additional moves, pressing jump twice activates a double jump. You are soon jumping through boiling lava, running from perilous traps and saw blades, gliding and climbing through catacombs, falling into the abyss and overcoming gravity. The most important technique you learn is the ability to switch into a parallel time dimension.

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Later in the game, you even pick up the ability to reverse gravity and clone yourself but I won’t go into detail here as you will discover this when playing.

Alteric can be finished fairly quickly, each of the three worlds are split into ten missions most of which only take a few minutes. The fun or frustration comes into its own when you are switching between dimensions in a desperate attempt to make a jump hoping that you can find the next platform. This is what makes Alteric worth playing, it’s the one more attempt feeling and as you know a proud gamer will never accept defeat. One level close to the end of the game took me about twenty attempts to finish, even though it wasn’t overly difficult I just couldn’t get the right combination of buttons pressed with that split second perfect reaction time obviously needed. At the end of each world, you are presented with a boss fight, each fight is interesting enough but once the attack pattern is known there’s no major challenge to be had. Personally, they could have been left out and it wouldn’t have affected the overall experience. The soundtrack is atmospheric and of the handful of tracks on show, most are excellent. Its funky techno vibe is a great fit to the simplistic yet stylized aesthetic of the game.


Final Words:

I enjoyed my time with Alteric and it is a game that I can go back to when in need of a quick challenge. The gameplay mechanics work well and the soundtrack is enjoyable. If you like puzzle platformers then I would seriously recommend you give this consideration when making future purchases because at the price you can’t get much better. Alteric is also now available on the Nintendo Switch, which is another perfect platform for the game and having played both its really down to which system you have at your disposal.



TBG Score: 7/10


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