Thoughts on Life is Strange

I’ve just finished a game called Life is Strange and I really can’t recommend it enough to people wanting something interesting to play. It’s not the best looking game to be released but it’s got a decent art style which works really well with the story it’s telling. It also has a cracking soundtrack which I’ve listened to a few times now and the voice acting is very good too which is handy given the focus on the narrative.

The story is where the game truly shines though, It starts off interesting for sure but feels a little run of the mill but by the end of Chapter 2, I was utterly hooked. I’m not going to go the story really beyond to offer the synopsis that you control an 18-year-old girl who discovers she can rewind time and keeps having visions of an impending disaster. How to all plays out is utterly fascinating though.

You’re also given the option of making choices over the course of the game that will shape the way the world around you develops. Some of the decisions aren’t of major consequence and others feel utterly huge, and there were numerous instances where I agonised over which decision might prove to be the correct one. It’s a testament to the designers that there seems to be a genuine weight to some of the decisions that you have to make, it embraces that the world doesn’t deal in black and white but rather shades of grey.

I personally think the game does a great job of getting you invested in the characters, to the point where you genuinely do care what happens to them. This has the added effect of making the emotional moments of the game that much more effective, and good lord does it deliver in terms of emotion. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a game that has actually made me feel the way Life is Strange did at a variety, and while some of the moments were huge others were little things like two friends being there for each other, not massive to the overall story but huge for bringing the characters to life.

It’s definitely a game that will stick with me like things like, Bioshock Infinite has and for me, that’s pretty much the benchmark of a memorable game. It’ll be interesting to play it again a little bit down the line and see what happens when mining different decisions. Overall I can’t recommend it enough and it’s now been out long enough that you can pick it up for a relatively decent price, which you should definitely do.

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