Tales from Space, Mutant Blobs Attack – PlayStation Vita Review


Tales from Space
Release 21/02/2012
PSVita version tested

Mutant space blobby game is how I have known it since day one, honestly, I didn’t know its actual name until checking just now. Yet having said that it is still one of the best games available for the Vita.

Tales from Space is basically a 2D version of Katamari mixed into a platformer. You play a one-eyed blob who needs to get home, consuming anything that gets in the way. The more you eat the bigger you get, the bigger you get the bigger the object you can eat … simple. There are around 25 levels to eat your way through each with a set of collectables to find, which is good news as you will want to replay this a second time.

The graphics are colourful and chunky which work perfectly on the Vitas OLED screen. The stylised cut scenes look like something found in a mid 90’s Nickelodeon cartoon which makes me smile.

Most importantly tho, Tales from Space is fun to play. The mix between using physical controls and touch n tilt are perfectly balanced. The touch elements do not feel forced and actually add to the experience. The top-down tilt levels are optional.


Final Words:

If you haven’t played Mutant space blobby game yet and missed it on PSN+ I cannot recommend this game highly enough. Everyone with a Vita should play it and at around £5 it’s a total bargain. April sees developer Drinkbox release their second PSVita offering, Guacamelee! I personally cannot wait.



TBG Score: 8.5/10

psspacerGenre: Platformer
Players: 1
Publisher: Drinkbox Studios
Release: 21/02/2012
Format: PSVitapsspacer

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