FIFA Football 13 – PlayStation Vita Review


Fifa Football 13
Release 25/09/2012
PSVita version tested

My relationship with EA is a constant battle between love and hate. The past couple of years it has been leaning towards the side of hate. This years version of Fifa may just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Why you ask? well, let me explain… after purchasing Fifa Football with my shiny new Vita around release day I was a very happy boy. Yes I had paid full price for a football game that had been released halfway through the season, yes I had the far superior version on my PS3 but finally, I could recreate a near console quality match on the go.

The game looked great, played well and even had most of the modes from its PS3 counterpart. It was kinda like a Fifa 12-5 with added touch controls, which I enjoyed after a little practice. Tapping the rear touchpad as if it were the goal mouth is a great way to direct a shot in my opinion.

We now move onto Fifa 13. This year we get back the title number to prove we are playing a new game, sadly this seems to be one of the major updates!!! There have been minor gameplay and graphical tweaks but Fifa 13 is really just a full priced squad update, this really couldn’t have taken more than a week to produce.


Final Words:

So it’s not that it’s a terrible game, far from it. I really, really enjoyed playing Fifa Football the first time around I just have to ask myself why didn’t EA give us the option to download an update à la Euro 2012? I guess it all boils down to greed. Bring back This is Football ….. Nah



TBG Score: 3/10


Genre: Sports
Players: 1
Publisher: EA
Release: 25/09/2012
Format: PSVitapsspacer

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